Quienes somos

Quienes somos

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Hugo Angeli es el director de finanzas de Waterview International Realty, Llc . Graduado en Finanzas en la Universidad de Buenos Aires, una de las universidades más prestigiosas de latín America con más de treinta años de experiencia que pondrá a su servicio.

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En nuestro equipo contamos con Gloria M. Mejia la cual tiene catorce años de experiencia en la propiedad raíz en la Florida con una vasta experiencia en clientes que quieren invertir en este maravilloso estado. Gloria pertenece a la asociación de bienes raíces de los Estados Unidos. Puede verificar su licencia en el Departamento de Licencias de la Florida. Ella es certificada con el departamento de  Florida Housing en los programas de ayuda para el inicial de su primera casa

Aqui puede ver los comentarios de algunos de nuestros clientes

Cordial and professional. Punctual and willing to adapt to our needs and schedules. It was a real pleasure that my family has had the opportunity to do business with it.

Gloria did a phenomenal job with the services and expertise that she provided. I needed to find a place to live at short notice and found my current residence through Gloria. She is very friendly, extremely smart, and knowledgeable. The one thing that impressed me with Gloria, that I did not find with other brokers I’ve dealt with, is that she is very genuine. She cares about the people that she is helping, she’s trustworthy and she didn’t make me feel pressured at all. It set me at ease when she explained to me the importance of urgency just becausee this is the time of year when people are moving. The location I was interested is a highly desired area; that it may not be available for long, She still made me feel that it was my choice. She knew my needs and made sure that everything was to my specifications. Even when we did the walkthough of my new home, (yes I did sign the lease), she made sure she drew my attention to everything, even things I would not think of to include: The ceiling, walls and carpet, the importance of setting your air conditioner as one of a few preventative measure against mold, all appliances were in excellent working condition and more. She is also on top of things that need immediate attention like ensuring my gate key worked properly for the security entrance, as well as being introduced to the front office that would register me as a resident. She’s very thorough and also offered a lot of great tips for me to get my credit in better standing so that, when I was ready to purchase a home, I would be ready. She is absolutely amazing and I could not have asked for a smoother, less stressful experience as I have with Gloria. I have already given her cards out to people at work who are also looking for rentals and homes, I know they will be in the best of care with her. Thank you Gloria, from the bottom of my heart.

Very pleased with brokerage service, helped me buy a great property and to find a good tenant to lease it as well.Excelent broker for foreing buyers who want to invest in US

Gloria it is very knowledgeable, patient, trustworthy and very organize. She listen to our needs and was very open and honest. She is diligent and very organize. We are very happy with her and with the end results in buying our home. We are looking forward to working with her again in the future.

Gloria provided us with excellent service and advise during the buying process of our downtown Orlando condominium. We highly recommend her as a knowledgeable, straight forward and professional real estate agent.